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Check out this video and see what I'm talking about. They've spent$8,000,000... EIGHT MILLION... to discover every lesson, strategy, ad copy tactic, ad image strategy, and targeting secret you can think of...

Short of doing the work for you, this is the ABSOLUTE EASIEST way I'veEVER SEEN to turn Facebook Ads into SOLID PROFITS. The tools are just... WOW... Amazing... Watch the video now to see exactly what I mean.


A Redhead, a slightly overweight Hippie and Mike Filsaime walks into a bar:

“What can I do for you- asks the bar owner”

The Hippie orders drinks and some bar snacks and they start talking.

” How are business” asks Mike, as always he is on topic. “Business is very slow this year”, says the barman, “but I think it will pick up soon.”

The Hippie Snorts!



Did your mother not teach you any manners? Scolds the Redhead while giving him a slap!

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How do I create a Custom Audience on Facebook?

The best help on this is on the Facebook help pages and we have also included a Video...

Excerpt from Facebook Help

You can create a Custom Audience using email addresses, phone numbers, Facebook user IDs or mobile advertiser IDs.

Your Custom Audiences should have at least 1000 people to help ensure meaningful reach with your ads.

Keep in mind that if this is your first time creating a Custom Audience, you’ll need to create it from your ads manager.

Read more hereon how to:

To create a Custom Audience in ads manager:

To create a Custom Audience in the ads create tool:

To create a Custom Audience in Power Editor:

Watch the Video here


Passive Income Masters:

We are no talking about financial wizards such as Warren Buffet here, we are talking about people creating residual income streams online and that you can model your own business on.

So here is a short list of people that we follow and learn from:

1. Jeff Johnson

2. Ryan Deiss

3. Brendon Burchard

4. Eben Pagan

5. Mike Filsaime

6. Andy Jenkins

7. Jeff Walker

8. Frank Kern

9. Rich Schefren

10. Dan Kennedy ( this goes to an opt-in page- but the opt-in is really worth it..

It a very good idea to model these “Passive Income Masters”.. so Click here and start..


Passive Income Streams, new blog..

Creating a passive income stream or multiple streams of passive income is the “holy grail” for any internet marketer.

Passive income is income that comes in all the time because of work that has been done previously and this is really the only way to create the Internet Lifestyle we all crave.

New blog, PASSIVE-INCOME.CO is dedicated to the search of Passive income ideas online.

Affiliate marketing is one of the first passive income ideas investigated and you can read more about it here..


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